Honeymoon film made from your photos and videos

Hello to all wonderful and beloved couples, this offer is especially for you!
Awesome videos and photos taken on a honeymoon should be nicely edited so that you can enjoy them now and in the future.

Make sure that your memories are not only bulky pieces of files on a cellphone or on the computer but a nice movie that you will be able to watch and remember good times.

So upload all files onto a USB flash drive or SanDisk and send them to us.
There is nothing cooler than a honeymoon movie with a glass of wine on a long weekend evening!

We offer a simple and easy flat charge for this awesome film!

1 – Film up to 25min. long   $260 (USB included)
– Extra digital download (GoogleDrive)  $25

2 – Film up to 40min. long   $300 (USB included)
– Extra digital download (GoogleDrive)  $25

3 – Film up to 60min. long   $350 (USB included)
– Extra digital download (GoogleDrive)  $25

Your final film will contain:

1- Starting and final subtitles (you choose what you want to write, e.g. date and place)
2- Background music
3- Nice and subtle video transition between each clip
4- Basic color correction (contrast, brightness, white balance)
5- Films are edited and exported in HD High Definition video resolution

All final films are delivered on a USB flash drive, plus optional on Internet download (GoogleDrive).

Info: all digital download films (google drive) are instantly shareable and downloadable, they will remain online for 3 months.

If you cannot pick up the video in person, there is an extra $10 shipping fee to the client.

Send us please (videos, pictures) uploaded on a USB flash drive or SanDisk card.
All video clips will be used in the movie according to their video file No.

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